Aerial inspection by drone

Surveillance and inspection of the condition of equipment, buildings or engineered structures using a drone is a necessary and complicated task in many sectors.

Aerial inspection by drone is an important step in this direction. Our systems allow great mobility and speed during the operation with a zero risk factor

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Inspection Drone Hauteur
Inspection Sensible Drone

Drone inspection

More than 80 sites inspected per year since 2012

We work on sensitive sites such as Seveso, Seveso II and III, nuclear, and military sites. Our inspections can be carried out day or night in the heart of urban areas as in the countryside.

years of experience

Our teams are trained in the inspection of sensitive sites.

Our expertise

The different application areas of the drone inspection

Inspection Ouvrage Art

Engineered structure inspection

Dam, bridge, viaduct, historical monument, so many subjects that we have been inspecting since 2012.

The inaccessibility of these subjects makes them particularly suitable for aerial inspection by drone.

Industrial inspection

We have been specialised in industrial inspection for 10 years, and we work on sensitive sites SEVESO I, II and III.

Foundry, steel industry, rolling mills, hot and cold industrial tool, thermal power station are some examples of our inspection subjects.

Inspection Bâtiment Toiture

Roof and building inspection

The inspection of zinc works – water flows (gutters) – is facilitated thanks to the drone. The overflight of the roof is fast. Inspection can be done from any angle.

Inaccessible and dangerous places such as cornices can be reached and inspected without endangering the lives of personnel.

Construction site monitoring

We help our clients to have a vision of the evolution of their sites from a few months to several years.

Creation or renovation of stadiums, motorway works, renovation and creation of urban districts, development of fauna and flora.


Aerial inspection process



Characterisation of your inspection expectations and definition of rendering.

On-site capture

Creation of a secure area, flight plan, technical inspection, customer video feedback.


Exploitation of renderings

Post-inspection meeting. Exchange on the use of renderings.
Déroulement Inspection Drone

Aerial inspection by drone in detail

Aerial inspection by drone is particularly suitable for the inspection of infrastructures where access to certain areas is difficult or dangerous, or when an overview of a project is necessary: ​​wind turbines, power lines, dams, bridges, monitoring of construction sites, roofs, air-cooling towers, etc.

Focus on building inspection >>

Questions about your inspection?

Visual inspection by drone is a competitive solution that saves time and labour. It is advantageous for hard-to-reach areas where human risk is involved. The speed of implementation of our equipment makes it an essential fast, efficient and economical tool.

Focus on roof inspection >>

  • 5One-time inspection
  • 5Regular inspections to monitor the evolution of a site
  • 5Detailed inspections, for particularly sensitive sites requiring further analysis

The conditions of the aerial inspection

We carry out a visual inspection of your installation through real-time ground video feedback and we record the areas to be inspected in high definition. We also offer an innovative thermal inspection service by drone.

Focus on construction site monitoring >>

Our solutions have been tested and approved by our customers such as EDF, GRDF, Léon Grosse, Eiffage or Akuo Solar.

We work together with our industrial partners to implement solutions adapted to the problems of each of our customers.  Focus on industrial inspection >>

  • 5Rainproof IP43-certified drone
  • 5Flight time over 30 minutes
  • 5Dual sensor camera


Aerial inspection by drone

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the inspection data acquisition carried out?

Pilote de drone et drone durant une inspection

Our aerial inspection system allows our customers to inspect their buildings and facilities from the ground to direct the inspection in real time. The rendering is thus validated and the critical areas are defined and inspected. We adapt the drone depending on the type of data desired (photographs, video, thermographs or orthophotographic surveys).

Schéma explicatif du déroulement d'une

We offer several types of aerial inspection renderings to optimise the amount of data captured and facilitate subsequent study:

  • Photographic surveys : precise and localised areas, submillimetrical definition.
  • Aerial thermography : sealing of structures, heat balances, defective solar cells, electrical equipment.
  • Orthoplans : high-definition large surfaces (roofs, cracked concrete slabs, engineered structures).

Vue panoramique d'un drone survolant une usine

What precision of the inspection?

Exemple d'inspection visuelle, gargouille et toiture

Our high-resolution images allow to observe all types of building disorders with millimetric precision, revealing the tiniest defects in the structure. The challenge is to provide you with a set of images which will allow to draw up a report of the degradations and defects of your site after analysis.

Exemple d'inspection visuelle, gargouille et toiture

What is the inspection by orthophotography?

Aerial inspection by orthophotography allows to produce a single image, up to 1 cm in resolution, by assembling aerial shots. Before each inspection, our team plans the flight plan in advance and ensures to obtain a sufficient superimposition of the shots for the post-production of the orthophotography. Drone capture is then done by manual or semi-automatic piloting. The automated flight plan is carried out according to the characteristics of the site and the expectation of the resolution of the orthophotography with definition of “waypoints” or points of passage of the drone planned during the phase of analysis of the terrain. Schéma du fonctionnement de prise de vue par drone pour la création d'orthophotographies The following orthophotography was taken as part of a roof inspection, covering 6000 m² and required 300 shots. The final result allows us to obtain a centimetre resolution! Orthophotographie précise d'une toiture, avec défauts We deliver to the customer the georeferenced and georectified orthophotographs accompanied by software allowing their exploitation. >> Learn more about orthophotography

What is thermal sensor inspection?

StudioFy Technologie also offers a system of thermal inspection by drone : the use of a high-range and high-resolution FLIR thermal sensor allows us a precise and in-depth analysis of the different types of installations. INSPECTION ALLOWS THE ANALYSIS :
  • In the building sector : the inspection reveals faults in the insulation of the building.
  • In the industry sector : the inspection reveals thermal anomalies (leaks, hotspots, etc.) on the site.
Différents exemple de thermogramme suite à une inspection thermique Following this recording work, we deliver a paper and electronic report indicating the particularities of the mission and the disorders observed. >> Learn more about aerial thermography
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