Drone inspection

Construction site monitoring by drone

Monitoring and management of construction site progress. Inspection of any anomalies.

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Construction site monitoring by drone

Why construction site monitoring by drone?

Construction site monitoring by drone is a practical and modern tool for setting up regular and rigorous monitoring of construction sites.

It is of interest to project owners, project managers and architects as well as companies in charge of carrying out the work. The challenges are multiple: progress monitoring, detection of possible defects, overall organisation, or even communication.

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Methodology of construction site monitoring by drone

What is the construction site monitoring by drone?

Construction site monitoring

Construction site monitoring by drone consists of flying over the work area using a drone piloted by a professional to take high-resolution shot s: photos or videos. The frequency of these aerial inspections is set according to the specific needs of each operation and the objectives of exploitation of the renderings.

The interest of the construction site monitoring by drone is to gain height and have overview and detail views of the site from various angles.

Thanks to the small size of the aircraft and the dexterity of the pilot, it is easy to access all points of the construction site to inspect the smallest details.

Follow the progress of the work
Construction site monitoring by drone allows regular monitoring of the progress of the work.
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It is useful for ensuring that the work schedule is adhered to. It also allows the project manager to more easily coordinate the interventions of each company and to manage the overall logistics of the site more efficiently. Remote monitoring of the work by drone also saves time by limiting travel.
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Control the quality of the works

The drone allows to inspect the most inaccessible corners of a construction site without putting the teams in danger. Thus, it becomes possible to control the quality of certain sensitive elements despite a high height or dangerous access conditions.

In the overall monitoring of a construction site, drone visits dedicated to the inspection of crucial details allow to detect any defects in time.

Communicate during or after the work

Construction site monitoring by drone facilitates communication between stakeholders throughout the duration of the work. It allows you to react more quickly in the event of an unforeseen event or a particular difficulty, because it facilitates decision-making remotely. The high-resolution videos and photos taken by the aircraft represent reliable and easy-to-implement decision-making support.

Beyond internal site communication, the images and videos produced throughout an operation are also an excellent external communication tool. Thus, companies can enhance the know-how of their teams to convince new customers.

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Communication is also of interest to project owners to give news of the progress of the work to the public over time, especially on social networks, or to make a retrospection.

Application of the construction site monitoring by drone

Some common applications of the construction site monitoring by drone


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Follow your construction site as closely as possible, whatever its size :
  • 5Large housing estates
  • 5Public buildings: schools, hospitals, sports halls
  • 5Warehouse, shopping centre
  • 5Industrial building

Earthmoving / public works

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Monitor the progress of work even on large sites :
  • 5Widening or creation of urban ring roads, highways
  • 5Railway worksites
  • 5Construction of access ramps, interchanges
  • 5Water, sanitation, gas, irrigation pipelines...

Major works

Monitor the work as closely as possible despite the difficulties of access and the size :
  • 5Maintenance, repair or demolition of engineered structures: aqueduct, dam, bridge, tunnel...
  • 5Port facilities, breakwaters

Our expertise in aerial inspection also extends to other areas of application :

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