Drone inspection

Engineered structure inspection

Rapid detection of defects and damage on large constructions

Inspection piles de pont
Drone volant au dessus d'un cours d'eau

Engineered structure inspection

Monitoring of large-scale works

The structure inspection by drone allows to monitor the evolution of the state of the structures, highlight any damage and repair them very quickly.

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Engineered structure inspection methodology

What is the purpose of the engineered structure inspection by drone?

Drone inspection and regular monitoring

These imposing constructions are subject to very strong constraints: pressure from the earth or natural elements, vibrations due to traffic, climatic hazards, etc.

Their regular monitoring guarantees the safety of users or local residents, and allows to avoid disasters: rupture of a dyke or dam, collapse of a bridge or road, crushing of the vault of a tunnel, etc.

Insepction de passerelle par drone en ville

Structures can also suffer a disaster or an incident : fire in a road tunnel, passage of a vehicle that is too heavy on a bridge not intended for this purpose, etc.

The objective of the technical inspection by drone is then to verify that the return to service of the infrastructure does not pose any risk to users.

The advantages of the drone for monitoring the condition of engineered structures

  • ^Saving time, cost saving and safety of intervention
The engineered structure inspection by drone is fast and easy to implement, and can take place in excellent safety conditions. Indeed, it does not require the installation of scaffolding, the use of a lifting platform or a helicopter, or the abseiling of an operator.

The operation is faster and less expensive than a human inspection and it does not endanger any life.

Equipement pour une inspection d'ouvrage d'art

The drone can very easily fly over a structure, get as close as possible to it, pass under it or go around it as many times as necessary to vary the angles of view.

It can thus photograph or film under the deck of a bridge, closely inspect the vault of a tunnel or descend a wall of a hydraulic dam very easily to take very many shots.

High-quality rendering, easy-to-use

→   Thanks to the very high resolution of the shots, the structure inspection by drone allows to scrutinize the state of structures in the smallest details to detect anomalies. →   We can then carry out a 3D modelling of the infrastructure to allow precise measurements and even more extensive monitoring. →   The exploitation of photos, videos or 3D models is simplified thanks to our online visualisation system. No software is required and measurements can be performed live.

Application of structure inspection by drone

Our main interventions in aerial inspection of structures

Bridges and viaducts

Ponts de Lyon
The drone inspection of bridges and viaducts allows to regularly check their condition despite the height and the difficulties of access. The drone can examine the piles, the deck or even the stay cables of a suspension bridge.


Intérieur d'un tunnel routier
The drone provides easy and safe access as close as possible to the vault of the tunnel to detect the presence of cracks, deformations, infiltrations or other disorders.

Hydraulic dams

Inspection aérienne d'un barrage hydraulique

Hydraulic dam inspection by drone allows you to follow the entire civil engineering structure in search of the slightest sign of degradation.

River and sea dykes

Insepction par drone de digue fluviale
Thanks to the speed of action of the drone, the aerial inspection of sea or river dykes is reliable and very fast, even over very long distances. It helps to detect signs of erosion to repair as quickly as possible and protect populations.

Support structures

Regular monitoring of the condition of stone or reinforced concrete retaining walls is essential. Indeed, these engineering structures can retain thousands of cubic meters of earth, ensure the foundation of traffic lanes or even protect mountain roads from avalanches.

Our expertise in aerial inspection also extends to other areas of application :

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