Thermographic drone


High-resolution thermal plans.

Thermogramme d'un réseau de chaleur sous un parking
Image RVB d'une inspection thermique de réseau de chaleur

Thermal mapping

Thermal mapping of various domains

Thermal drone mapping allows to develop high-resolution thermal maps useful in various fields: building, urban planning, industry or even agricultural production.

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Thermal mapping methodology

What is thermal drone mapping ?

Thermal inspection and orthophotography

Thermal drone mapping combines aerial thermal inspection and orthophotography. The drone is equipped with a high-sensitivity thermal camera that allows infrared images to be obtained. These highlight the temperature differences through colour scale or thermogram modelling.

The capture of thermal images is associated with aerial orthophotography. Thus, it is easier to locate and identify the origin of anomalies by superimposing the two images. A thermal engineer is in charge of interpreting this data to guide you towards the implementation of corrective actions.

In addition to this analysis, we provide a cartographic rendering accurate to a few centimetres. For greater simplicity, it can be consulted directly on our dedicated web interface accessible via an internet link.
Integration into a GIS thanks to the precision of GPS RTK

To allow the integration of thermal drone mapping in a geographic information system or GIS, it must be georeferenced with precision. For this, we use a GPS RTK with centimetre precision. It allows us to georeference a certain number of fixed points. The coordinates of the other points of the images are then calculated with reference to these fixed points.

Exemple de rendu d'une étude thermique

This method allows to make the georeferencing of orthophotographs more reliable and to achieve a map rendering of great precision. It can then be injected into a GIS or superimposed on a cadastre-type plan.

Application of drone mapping

The uses of thermal drone mapping

Mapping of industrial or urban buried heat networks

Image thermique géoréférencé de réseau de chaleur
Thermal drone mapping allows to very precisely locate an underground heat network without work or shutdown. The drone’s camera simply captures the infrared radiation emitted by the hot fluid.

It then becomes possible to establish a precise georeferenced plan of the pipes, which can be integrated into a GIS.

Group diagnosis of energy losses in buildings

The contractors of communities or energy suppliers seek to highlight the energy renovation needs of buildings by carrying out thermal mapping of roofs in a given sector. Indeed, most of the energy losses of a building occur through the roof, when it is poorly insulated.

The purpose of such an approach is to save energy and natural resources.

Mapping of heat islands in cities

Cartographie thermique d'un quartier

In certain configurations, urban ground coverings and the construction materials used contribute to significantly increasing temperatures in the heart of cities.

Particularly during heat waves, these surfaces restore the heat stored during the day at night and prevent the ambient air from cooling down at night.

The drone mapping of these heat islands allows communities to reconsider certain urban developments taking into account these new constraints to improve the living comfort of the inhabitants.

Inspection of cultivated or natural plant cover

Inspection thermique de végétation

Thermal drone mapping is also a tool for crop management.

The highlighting of temperature differences within a plant cover allows to identify various problems, such as the development of a disease or a localised growth defect.

This method also allows the identification of the presence of certain plant species in a natural environment.

Our expertise in drone mapping also extends to other areas of application :

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