Drone inspection

Industrial drone inspection

Inspection and maintenance of industrial infrastructures.

Inspection en milieu industriel
Vue de détails inspection d'une usine

Industrial drone inspection

Why use drone inspection for an industry?

Drone inspection allows to check the condition of industrial installations, particularly those at sensitive sites. The objective is to ensure the sustainability of production equipment and structures.

Beyond the preservation of the industrial tool, this technical inspection responds to safety issues. It eliminates the risk of industrial accidents and thus protects site personnel, local residents and the environment.

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Methodology of industrial drone inspection

How does an industrial aerial inspection by drone take place?

Technical inspection by drone

A drone equipped with a high-resolution camera or a thermal camera flies over industrial facilities at low altitudes.

On the ground, the pilot is assisted by a specialist to identify faults : corrosion of metallic elements, cracks in civil engineering, pipe leaks, obstruction of a chimney, etc.

Inspection industrielle, fuite de fumée

Technical inspection by drone guides the manufacturer to trigger the necessary corrective actions

Exploitation of renderings

→   Our renderings are very easy to use thanks to our hosting system on an online platform. →   No specialised software is required to view photos, high-definition videos and 3D models.

The advantages of the drone for industrial inspection

  • ^Access everywhere without difficulty and without risk

The drone inspection of an industrial unit allows access to indoor facilities despite the constraints. It can be a lack of space, a confined atmosphere, temperatures that are difficult for humans to bear, or even an electrical hazard.

The inspection of high-rise outdoor industrial structures is also possible thanks to the drone. The time saved is significant because there is no need for any lifting gear or scaffolding. The human risk associated with working at height or the intervention of a rope access technician is eliminated.

  • ^Inspect remotely
Thanks to state-of-the-art on-board camera technology, drone inspection of an industrial site located near a sensitive site is possible. The drone equipped with high-resolution audiovisual means remotely inspects any installation placed within the perimeter of a SEVESO site, a nuclear power plant or a military zone. The level of detail in the images remains very high despite the distance.
  • ^Observe the invisible

Thanks to the use of an on-board thermal camera on the drone, we can also visualise the interior of buried or aerial conduits. Drone inspection allows to highlight leaks, breakages, clogging of pipes or simply to draw up plans.

Application of industrial drone inspection

Some concrete examples of drone inspection of industrial installations

Industrial chimneys, flares

The aerial inspection of industrial chimneys and flares allows to detect any damage to the structure.

In addition, a thermal inspection allows to check the cleanliness of the duct to rule out any risk of fire.

Channels and pipelines

Inspection de canalisations par drone

The drone inspection of industrial pipelines allows to ensure the absence of leaks on ducts and pipelines whether these structures are aerial or buried.

High-rise infrastructure

Inspection au dessus d'une éolienne
The drone facilitates access to all high-rise industrial equipment. There are all types : telephone relay antennas, lightning rods, wind turbines, electricity pylons and cables, etc.

Silos and aboveground storage tanks

Inspection de silos et espace de stockage
The fragility of a storage tank could cause significant material damage and damage to the environment in the case of chemical products in addition to the loss of the stored product. Thanks to the drone, it is possible to regularly monitor the state of silos, water towers, storage of petroleum products, etc.

Material stocks

Survole espace de stockage de matériaux industriels
Technical inspection by drone also allows to precisely assess the volumes of materials placed in piles on an industrial site. From the images, we model the stocks in 3D to evaluate them precisely thanks to the calculation of cubatures: ores, various waste, wood chips, aggregates…

Our expertise in aerial inspection also extends to other areas of application :

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